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Mob: 07816 669952
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Saturday 6th May 9.00 am         
Meltham CC         
Meltham, Shepley, Golcar, Bradley & Colne, Lascelles Hall, Upperthong, Broad Oak, Holmbridge. Standby - Slaithwaite
Honley CC         
Honley, Kirkheaton, Shelley, Barkisland, Armitage Bridge, Marsden, Hall Bower, Thongsbridge.    Standby – Scholes

Saturday 13th May 9.00 am         
Holmfirth CC        
Holmfirth, Scholes, Slaithwaite, Thurstonland, Skelmanthorpe, Kirkburton, Emley, Rastrick.  Standby - Shepley
Lepton CC         
Lepton, Cumberworth, Green Moor, Denby, Al’bury Wes, Clayton West, Denby, Hoylandswaine.  Standby – Shelley

Saturday 20th May 9.00 am         
Golcar CC         
Golcar, Almondbury Wes, Broad Oak, Rastrick, Marsden, Honley, Kirkburton, Barkisland. Standby - Meltham
Scholes CC         
Scholes, Armitage Bridge, Skel’thorpe, Thongsbridge, Shepley, Holmfirth, Holmbridge, Emley. Standby – Thurstonland

Saturday 27th May 9.00 am         
Hall Bower CC         
Hall Bower, Slaithwaite, Bradley & Colne, Scholes, Kirkheaton, Denby Dale, Shelley, Thurstonland. Standby - Honley
Lascelles Hall CC         
Lascelles Hall, Green Moor, Clayton West, Denby, Shepley, Lepton, Hoylandswaine, Cumberworth. Standby – Kirkburton
Saturday 3rd June 9.00 am         
Cumberworth CC        
Cumberworth, Kirkburton, Clayton West, Lascelles Hall, Emley, Skel’thorpe, Denby Dale, H’swaine. Standby - Green Moor
Kirkheaton CC         
Kirkheaton, Meltham, Hall Bower, Bradley&Colne, Armitage Bridge, Al’bury Wes, Holmfirth, Honley. Standby - Broad Oak
Saturday 10th June 9.00 am         
Rastrick CC         
Rastrick, Denby, Green Moor, Lepton, Upperthong, Thurstonland, Shepley, Barkisland. Standby - Clayton West
Marsden CC         
Marsden, Thongsbridge, Meltham, Scholes, Golcar, Slaithwaite, Broad Oak, Armitage Bridge. Standby - Emley Clarence

Saturday 17th June 9.00 am         
Clayton West CC         
Clayton West, H’swaine, Las’les Hall, Honley, Denby Dale, Shelley, Thurstonl’nd, Green Moor. Standby - Holmfirth
Skelmanthorpe CC         
Skelmanthorpe, Armitage Bridge, Upperthong, Scholes, Kirkheaton, Shepley, Lepton, Meltham. Standby – Golcar
Saturday 24th June 9.00 am         
Upperthong CC         
Upperthong, Cumberworth, Broad Oak, Hall Bower, Holmfirth, Holmbridge, Thongsbridge, Golcar. Standby - Almondbury Wes
Emley CC         
Emley, Armitage Bridge, Skelmanthorpe, Rastrick, Shelley, Meltham, Shepley, Denby. Standby – Kirkheaton
Saturday 1st July         
Barkisland CC         
Barkisland, Golcar, Rastrick, Holmfirth, Marsden, Upperthong , Bradley & Colne, Holmbridge. Standby - Lascelles Hall
Shelley CC         
Shelley, Clayton West, Denby, Al’bury Wes, Hall Bower, Lepton, Green Moor, Cumberworth. Standby - Denby Dale
Saturday 8th July 9.00 am         
Green Moor CC         
Green Moor, Upperthong, Shepley, Skel’thorpe, Thurstonland, Emley, Hall Bower, Lascelles Hall. Standby - Lepton
Denby Dale CC         
Denby Dale, Meltham, Kirkburton, Kirkheaton, Scholes , Honley, Slaithwaite, Thongsbridge. Standby – Denby
Saturday 15th July 9.00 am         
Thurstonland CC         
Thurstonland, Meltham, H’swaine, Slaithwaite, Upperthong, Rastrick, Marsden, Lascelles Hall. Standby - Cumberworth
Bradley & Colnebridge CC         
Bradley & Colne, Al’bury Wes, Honley, Hall Bower, Kirkheaton, Barkisland, Golcar, Denby Dale. Standby – Holmbridge
Saturday 22nd July 9.00 am         
Shepley CC         
Shepley, H’swaine, Lepton, Armitage Bridge, Slaithwaite, Green Moor, Emley, Clayton West. Standby - Bradley & Colnebridge
Holmbridge CC         
Holmbridge, Kirkburton, Broad Oak, Denby, Skelmanthorpe, Holmfirth, Thongsbridge, Scholes. Standby - Barkisland

Saturday 29th July 9.00 am         
Kirkburton CC         
Kirkburton, Bradley & Colne, Barkisland, Rastrick, Holmfirth, Hall Bower, Meltham, Holmbridge. Standby - Marsden
Denby CC        
Denby, Cumberworth, Lascelles Hall, Lepton, Almondbury Wes, H’swaine, Denby Dale, Emley. Standby - Armitage Bridge
Saturday 12th August 9.00 am        
Thongsbridge CC         
Thongsbridge, Shelley, Kirkheaton, Golcar, Almondbury Wes, Thurstonland, Honley, Cumberworth. Standby - Skelmanthorpe
Slaithwaite CC         
Slaithwaite, Upperthong, Broad Oak, Marsden, Bradley & Colne, Barkisland, Kirkburton, Scholes. Standby – Rastrick
Saturday 19th  August 9.00 am         
Almondbury Wesleyans CC         
Al’bury Wesleyans, Lepton, Rastrick, Golcar, Marsden, Bradley & Colne, Barkisland, Broad Oak. Standby – Hall Bower
Hoylandswaine CC         
H’swaine, Thurstonland, Thongsbridge, Kirkburton, Skel’thorpe, Shelley, Holmbridge, Clayton West. Standby – Armitage Bridge
Saturday 26th August 9.00 am         
Broad Oak CC         
Broad Oak, Lascelles Hall, Kirkheaton, Marsden, Cumberworth, Holmfirth, Slaithwaite, Emley. Standby - Upperthong
Armitage Bridge CC        
Armitage Bridge, Clayton West, Denby, Green Moor, Holmbridge, Denby Dale, Honley, Shelley. Standby - Thongsbridge

Grand Final  Saturday 2nd September     9.00 am

The 8 most successful clubs from the tournament programme will be invited to compete for the ‘Michael Pamment’ Trophy in the Grand Final at Cumberworth CC.


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