HJCL AGM and rule changes Thursday 2nd December



Kirkheaton Cricket Club on Thursday 1 December 2016 at 7.30pm


1. Attendance and roll call of clubs
2. Minutes of 2015 AGM (available on HJCL website - Admin>Downloads)
3. Matters arising
4. Chairman’s report
5. Secretary’s report
6. Treasurer’s report (to agree subscriptions for 2017 and adopt the accounts)
7. Child welfare report
8. Proposed rule changes for 2017 (see below)
9. Entries for 2017
10. Representative cricket (nominations; coaching and nets; team managers)
11. Election of officers for 2017 (we are looking for someone to act as under 9 secretary)
12. Any other business
13. Date of 2017 AGM (Thursday 7 December 2017)

David Thorpe November 2016.

Proposed rule changes for 2017 (these are all recommended by the HJCL Executive Committee)

Under 9.

New rule 2c: Games at each tournament must be played in the order listed in the handbook.

New rule 2d: All teams entering the league must host a tournament at their ground.

Under 15.

Rule 4c (Match procedures): Delete current rule. Replace with: no bowler shall bowl more than 4 overs.

Under 17.

Rule 2 (Points): Delete Incomplete Victory (points system to be the same as under 15, 13 and 11)

Rule 4c (Match procedures) Delete current rule and replace with:
a) The number of overs per side shall be 20 for all games.
b) The playing pitch shall be sited as near as possible to the centre of the ground, as ground conditions will allow.
c) A fielding zone shall be drawn on the field of play. This shall consist of two semi circles having as their respective centres each middle stump and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. The radius of each of the circles shall be 30 yards but where any part of this zone would impinge within five yards of the boundary line then it shall be drawn at that limitation. The perimeter of the fielding zone shall be marked by a series of discs.
d) The fielding zone shall apply as follows: For the first six overs only two fielders shall be permitted outside the zone. For each over following the sixth, only five fielders shall be permitted outside the zone. In the event of any infringement of this rule, the umpire at square leg shall call and signal ‘no ball’.
e) The laws of cricket shall apply except that the penalty for a no ball shall be 2 runs. The delivery following a no ball for foot fault shall be a free hit, for whichever batsman is facing. If the delivery for a free hit is not legitimate (no ball or wide) then the next ball also becomes a free hit for whichever batsman is facing. For any free hit the striker may only be dismissed under the circumstances that apply for a no ball, even if the free hit delivery is a wide ball. All such penalties are in addition to any runs that may be scored otherwise.

Rule 4d (Match procedures) Delete 50 runs and replace with 35 runs (this is the limit for batsman to retire)

Rule 4e (Match procedures) Delete current rule and replace with:
No bowler shall ball more than 4 overs in a game. The bowler shall only be allowed a run up of a maximum of 10 yards.

Rule 5f (Trophies) Batting replace 200 runs with 180 (minimum needed to qualify); bowling replace 12 wickets with 10 (minimum needed to qualify)

Rule 6a (Cup Competition) Add; there will also be a plate competition for teams that lose their first game in the Philip Oldfield Cup.

Rule 6b (Cup Competition) Delete current rule. New rule to state; all games played in the Philip Oldfield Cup and the Plate Competition, including the finals which shall be played on the same day at the same venue, shall be played under the same rules as league fixtures.

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